About Us

Thanks for your interest in our site. My name is Chris, and I run the site here: AccucheckGlucometer.com.

I have worked for several big health care companies and as my grandparents are diabetics, I am involve in testing and purchasing the right equipments for them. I understand the importance of blood sugar monitoring for a diabetic and wanted to share as much knowledge as possible related to diabetes and the best tools in the market right now. I might be biased but I especially love those from Accu-chek.

We strive to offer the best reviews and information on Diabetes and the best tools you could find in this market. This site was created to help you quickly get information about diabetes , tools that helps and latest news and methods about how we can reverse diabetes as far fetch as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the contact page or post your comments directly on this website.