Diabetes – Are You At Risk ? – a low glycemic load diet can help !


  • Are you rarely wide awake within 15 minutes of rising?
  • Do you need tea, coffee, a cigarette or something sweet to get you going in the morning ?
  • Do you often have energy slumps during the day or after meals ?
  • Do you crave something sweet or a stimulant after meals ?
  • Do you often have mood swings or difficulty concentrating ?
  • Do you get dizzy or irritable if you go six hours without food ?
  • Do you find you over-react to stress ?
  • Is your energy now less than it used to be ?
  • Do you feel too tired to exercise ?
  • Are you gaining weight, and finding it hard to lose it, even though you are not noticeably eating more or exercising less ?
  • Do you get very thirsty and pee a lot – especially at night ?
  • Do you get blurred vision ?

** If you experience many of these symptoms, check your blood sugar levels. (we highly recommend the ” Accu-chek Compact Plus ” all-in-one glucometer for painless, accurate and convenience ) You are likely to have insulin resistance and will benefit from a low GL diet (low glycemic load diet), plus chromium and cinnamon.

(nb: A low glycemic load diet involves eating foods which provide a slow release of sugar, together with protein foods, like a few nuts with an apple.)

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Category: Managing Diabetes