Diabetic Alerts ! Even A Small Cut Can End In Amputation


Uncontrolled diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce sensation. Even small injuries can develop without notice into ulcers, infections and gangrene. Poor circulation is a common problem for people with diabetes .

With uncontrolled suger level,you foot may end up rotten


Diabetics Alert : Do not end up with this foot  !

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage to nerves – Poor blood circulation to the foot may require amputation eventually – Don’t end up with this foot !

For a diabetic with poor blood circulation,  a wound may not heal and the limb or digit may turn gangrenouns.

This is because diabetes damages blood vessels and makes them more susceptible to fatty deposit build-up called plaque. When a limb is injured, clogged arteries prevent blood from flowing to the wound and healing it. If the wound rots, the limb may require amputation.

So even if its just a small cut to the foot, but for a diabetic, it is an invitation to a surgeon’s saw !

One theory is that excess blood sugars binds to proteins in the blood vessels and alters the structure and function of the blood vessels, making them less elastic. Hence, this interferes with the flow of blood. damaged blood vessels also tend to attract fatty deposit build-up and, over time, this narrows the blood vessels.

Therefore, when there is a wound or infection, it is tougher for blood to reach the extremities to heal the area.

Gangrene sets in and strikes harder and faster than other complications that can results from the diseases, such as renal failure and blindness.

Within weeks, the area around the wound will become purplish. It refuses to heal. That is when the doctor’s saw comes in.

Worldwide, a gangrene infected limb is lost to diabetes every 30 seconds, a study published in the International Wound Journal last year said. This figure may be higher in the future, as the International Diabetes Federation estimates that 438 million people worldwide will have diabetes in the year 2030, compared to 285 million now.

If the gangrene is detected early, procedures such as ballooning and stenting can help save an infected leg by widening the blood vessels in the leg to improve blood circulation.

For example, in ballooning, a balloon is inserted up a narrowed artery via a wire, then inflated to squash the plaque built-up against the vessel wall. Stents also work to widen blood vessels.

Proper foot care techniques include keeping the feet dry and wearing proper shoes and socks.

Usually, gangrene starts with ulcers on the feet. Hence, amputation can be avoided if the patient takes care of his feet and inspects them every day for signs of problems.

A doctor once told me  : ” many people are just needlessly losing their feet”.

For More Tips on The Importance Of Foot Care for Diabetics  :
Tips On Foot Care for Diabetics

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