Eating Right For Diabetes Mellitus Control


Overeating is not a luxury that anyone with diabetes can afford.


Eating right for those with these problems

We ask dietitians and doctors how to make the annual feasting healthier for those affilicted with diabetes Mellitus :

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the body fails to use blood glucose or blood sugar properly.

Try not to deviate too much from the carbohydrate intake patterns advised by your doctor or dietitian.

We would like to share with you the following tips :


diabetes mellitus diet

diabetes mellitus diet

Practise portion Control :
Choose nuts, such as unsalted almonds and cashews, to snack on.
Stick to portions of 10 nuts or one cup of melon seeds a day.

Portion out dipping sauces and try not to ask for a refill.

Eat small and regular meals.
Limit cookies and tarts. Three pineapple tarts have the same amount of carbohydrates as half a bowl of rice.
The same goes for five peanut cookies.


Do not add too many root vegetables to your steamboat :
Yam, potatoes and sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates.
Use non-starchy vegetables such as bamboo shoots, lettuce, fungus, wintermelon, long cabbage, mushrooms and seaweed.


Use Fluids to your advantage :
Choose drinks that are low in sugar. Unsweetened green or oolong tea has zero calories and polyphenols which has health benefits.
Sip slowly so you do not reach for another snack. Drink before a meal to prevent overeating.


Limit your alcohol intake :
Keep to one standard drink (10g of alcohol) a day. Avoid sweet wines such as sherryand port.
Drinking a lot can mask symtoms of low blood glucose(such as dizziness, double vision, confusion, tremors in hands and passing out), whichcan therefore be neglected.


Limit your indulgence:
Limit the number of days that you allow yourself to indulge in food and stick to it.


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