Natural Treatment for Diabetes – A Compound Found in Bitter Melon

A joint research effort between the Chinese government and an Australian research institute found that Better Melon (sometimes known as “bitter gourd” or  “苦瓜” in Chinese ) extracts could reduce blood sugar levels in both humans and animals – so important in the control of diabetes.

Scientists have isolated four compounds in bitter melon that gives the vegetable the ability to be used as a diabetes treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. By isolating the compounds believed to be therapeutic, researchers hope to investigate how they work together in our cells.

Its a known fact that bitter melon is often used to relieve fatigue and quench thirst and these properties has prompted many medications used by Chinese medicines. However, little is known that the vegetable beneficial effects specially to diabetes.  – read more at

No matter what, these are good news for all suffering from diabetes considering bitter melon an easily accessible fruit .

Many diabetic patients has in fact able to reverse their diabetic condition by just consuming bitter melon alone and has proven that they could maintain this condition without any needs for additional medication or insulin injection – View the video above for a very interesting presentation on diabetes reversal using bitter melon.

There are lots of chinese dishes based on the bitter melon. I especially love the South East Asia styled bitter melon dishes that are spicy due to the use of sambal chilli. I urge all who has diabetes to give it a try.

A healthy diet goes a long way in the control of diabetes. Do remember to monitor your blood sugar level regularly. Keep me posted if you need fresh ideas on how to prepare a delicious meal using Bitter Melon.

Bitter Gourd (bitter melon) Juice Recipe 

Okinawa Goya Chanpuru – Stir-fry Bittergourd with pork, eggs and tofu

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Bitter melon receipes for the diabetics

Bitter gourd receipes for the diabetics – Try It Today !

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