True Success Stories with Accucheck Glucometers



Beat Diabetes !  –  Erin and Caty shows you how.
Erin and Caty, 17 year-old twins with Type 1 diabetes.

Diagnosed : 15 years ago. “We don’t know any other way to live.”

Preferred system :  ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus system, because it “spits out a strip.”

Test their blood sugar :  10 times a day.

Let them show you why diabetes is  Not A Big Deal if you know how to control it the RIGHT WAY.


Preferred testing site: Fingertips. (Erin tried palm testing, but prefers the fingertip.)Self-care advice: Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of. Make sure the people around you know how to help out if you have low blood sugar.


Nutrition tip: Erin and Caty count carbs, and this past year, they moved to insulin pumps, which has made control a bit easier. The pump gives them flexibility to adjust their insulin doses to cover their healthy food choices. Still, they agree that “the occasional cookie is okay.

Fashion contribution: Colorful rubber pump wraps that coordinate with different outfits, so they can wear their pumps everywhere, including their next homecoming dance.

Why they make self-care a priority: Diabetes isn’t in the way now. But if they don’t take care of themselves, it would get in the way.

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Category: Managing Diabetes